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Danny hadn't been paying attention for the most part, to be honest. He'd spent most of the lesson doodling in his book (he was on a dwarf kick, so there were a lot of beards and hammers and stuff) instead of looking at his teacher, or the pile of plastic bananas.

It's not like it mattered. It was 10th grade. People knew about sex by now. If Mrs. Banks thought otherwise she was out of the times. They didn't need all these classes. Okay, they probably did, because, y'know… safety and not wanting random pregnancies and all that. But still.

He only looked up once Mrs. Banks told them to divide into groups. Wait, divide into groups? For putting on condoms? Wasn't that… a little awkward? Did he really need a second-in-command to help him put a condom on a banana?

Danny frowned at his latest dwarf drawing—this one was some weird warrior from some invented fantasy religion that he'd invented but forgotten half the details about—before shutting his book and dragging his chair towards the nearest cluster of people. At this point, that was Jeremy and Emma, neither of who he was too familiar with. Okay, he knew of Emma because she was always doing stuff and was everywhere. And Jeremy was super tall, so that was a thing.

“Hey. Is this a group? Can I join?”
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