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Jeremy Frasier had entered the classroom long before anyone else had. He’d been sitting there silent for a while now, but that didn’t really bother him. It was like this every week. The bell would ring and Jeremy would immediately start walking as hard and as fast as he could to his next class. Maybe if he was talking to someone he’d end the conversation, but other than that, he didn’t waste any time. Today was no different, he had been the first in the classroom, and so he unpacked. Book and pen. While he waited, he had gotten the book he was going to read out. The Andalite Chronicles. He found it at a book fair the other weekend, and he hadn’t hesitated to pay out a dollar and add it to his Animorphs collection. Hadn’t gotten the chance to read it until now though.

More people soon came in, though, and he put the book back into his bag, lest people see him reading them and thinking he was a nerd, or something. Well, no, he was pretty sure that everyone knew that he was a massive nerd at this point, but he wanted to show that there were other things to him than that. He hadn’t really gotten far, anyway. He flipped through the pages in order to see the page flippy thing and it was one of the super annoying ones where the page flippy thing was all along the bottom page rather than in the bottom right corner. How could you flip pages so that you could actually see the page flippy thing? Jeremy didn’t know, but he figured that he got the main gist of the page flippy things story. There was a spaceship chasing a UFO and then the spaceship goes around the solar system and then it's blank for a little bit until the spaceship goes through a wormhole. Riveting stuff. Well, that wasn’t really fair. Maybe he’d understand it once he actually got a chance to read the book.

But anyway, back to the story. Jeremy put his book back in his bag as Emma Aguilar Luz showed up and sat on his table. He said hi, she said hi back, all was good in the world. That was most of their relationship with each other. Sometimes he’d say funny things and it’d make her laugh, sometimes he’d say funny things and she’d get slightly annoyed at him. Probably depended on the day, really. Didn’t she have sleeping issues? Maybe, he forgot. That was probably why she was able to have that smoothie. Why couldn’t he have a smoothie? He’d love to have a smoothie in class if it weren’t for the fact that smoothies weren’t something he drank. He was a milkshake kid, and he didn’t understand why everybody else wasn’t.

After a bit, there were enough people in the class for Mrs Banks to start it; and yep, they were putting condoms on people. That was probably why there were bananas and packets all over the classroom. It wasn’t really an activity he was really interested in; sex in general wasn’t really something he really wanted to do, but hey, if he did this he was at least not going to get an F for Health. Not like he was going to get an F for health but hey, better safe than sorry. They were supposed to get into groups to do this for… some reason. Did it take multiple people to put on a condom? If the answer to that was yes then that was a pretty major design flaw. Well, you probably needed multiple people for sex so eh, at least the design flaw was compensated somewhere. He saw Emma get up next to him. He supposed that he had to work with her because they were on the same table and such, but he wasn’t going to be the person to voice that out. He decided that being the person who said “Hey, do you wanna help me put on a condom?” probably wasn’t something he wanted to be known for.

So he waited a bit, not standing up. It’d look kinda awkward if he stood up and stretched a bit right after someone on the same table did.
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