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((Mild content warning: discussion of sexual topics in the context of Health class))

Ever since Health appeared on her schedule for the semester, Emma knew it was coming.

There was a time in everyone’s life where they had to learn about this sort of thing. Emma herself had read a bit about it. How you got pregnant, how the parts worked, why they worked the way they did, what happens during sex, what happens during pregnancy, childbirth, and everything. Being interested in medicine meant that a few of the books she had read covered that topic in detail. It was also kind of expected that a tenth grader would at least have a basic understanding of sex.

And yet, even with that, she couldn’t be prepared for what was scheduled for today. Mrs. Barks had given a warning ahead of time. Multiple times leading up to it. Last class she had even passed around a handout about contraception. Right before that, it was the video on childbirth. That couldn’t prepare her either. Nothing could prepare her for walking into the afternoon Health class and seeing the plastic bananas alongside what was not gum wrappers.

A few of her classmates were already here. Health had always been a mixture of grades, though mostly freshmen and sophomore. As she stepped further into the science classroom, she could hear awkward chuckling and jokes. Perhaps they were as nervous as she was?

She didn’t need to be nervous, Emma kept trying to tell herself. It was just learning about the human body, like usual. Emma liked the subject, after all. It was like learning about another part of the body, like… digestion! Digestion was a good one. Like reproduction, it has its own taboos. What was the difference between Mrs. Barks telling them about eating habits and safe sex?

Okay, a lot of things. For starters, eating doesn’t usually involve fluid exchange between people. Or the chance of… you know, making a baby. Oh, who was she kidding? It was still learning about sex in front of a bunch of people.

Emma sat down at a table, placing her notebook, pencil case, and a smoothie drink in front of her. It wasn’t going to be bad, it was just another part of what human bodies do. Right? Right. Taboos? Sex has taboos. But, it's still a bodily function. It was just... awkward discussing it in class for some reason.

As Mrs. Barks started class, Emma watched her, fiddling with her drink absentmindedly. She was getting used to hearing her talk about the topic, but not enough. Today was the day they had to learn how to put on a condom. Emma had picked up on that long before Mrs. Barks said it. The bananas and condoms were a pretty good sign.

Now it was time to group up. Emma slid upwards and stretched her muscles for a few seconds. She usually liked group-work. What wasn’t there to like? People just learning and working on a project together. Emma loved it. But this time… she wasn’t so sure.

Emma reached for her drink, and frowned. Mrs. Barks didn’t mind her eating in class, as long as she wasn’t disruptive. She understood that Emma needed all the energy she could get to stay alert, and was willing to help her any way she could with studying and lectures. Right now, she didn’t feel too tired. It helped that she had P.E. before this. Exercising and getting her blood flowing helped with her drowsiness. The smoothie was a treat for the day, but only just after P.E. had she been sipping away at it.

She just wished she didn’t pick the strawberry-banana.

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