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Thanks for your response Kami! And no problem, everyone's got busy lives :3

Emma: In agreement. And yeah! Toying with Juniper pulling out of the race would be cool, because I decided that Juniper would've been running for the wrong (re: selfish) reasons, not to better the community like Emma. There could definitely be something there!

Jennifer: Juniper's store would definitely cater to Jennifer's needs. They have products for all skin types and tones, and hair types and thicknesses. I also adore the possible name confusion! As for her and Lani, Lani is tutored by Sansa's character Joshua, but they'd know each other through there online presence. It may be limited to that because they're in differing grades.

Junko: Agreed: Juniper really only knows Junko through her visits to the store, while Lani and Junko dislike one another.

If there's anything else you wanna discuss or flesh out, just lemme know ^-^
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