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((Brendan Harte continued from Time To Open Up))

Brendan was out for a jog in Sumac Park. He felt that it was the best place for him to do that. The weather wasn't that hot and it was quite a warm day. It was just a same that he had to do this on his own as his father was terribly busy with work again. He knew that he shouldn't like it bother him. But it did. He wanted to tell him about how well he was going in Art class. And also with his short stories that he knew that he had to confess to someone else other than Bernadette.

He let as a small breath as he continuing to jog over the path. Then he was starting to disappear into his thoughts for some ideas of his currently unfinished story. He was stuck in the middle of it and he couldn't decide what to do with the main villain. Maybe he just had writer's block or something. He wasn't too sure.

Deane swooped down to the ground as light as a feather. The terrified girl was too startled to scream as he bared his bloody fangs. She was too afraid to move from where she was standing in the garden as he glided close to her. He let out a hiss as he grabbed her forcefully around her waist. He pushed a strand of her long, glossy blonde hair away from her neck. Then the vampire could see one of her veins throbbing. He licked his lips hungrily as he couldn't wait to taste her pure blood. He slowly his lips closer to her neck. He was ready to bite down....

Brendan smiled to himself. That didn't sound that bad. It was a little cheesy but he could try to change it later. He just needed a little more practice. Then he decided that he was going to finally show his story to his grandparents and his father. He couldn't keep hiding it forever.

He nodded to himself happily as he moved forward more. This was turning out to be a great day for him. He was so lost in his thoughts that he wouldn't even realized if he crashed into someone in front of him.
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