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Hey Corey! Sorry for the wait.

Emma- I like the idea of someone looking up to her, so I'm down for what you've suggested with Lani. I think Ems would appreciate that she's a good student as well, come to think of it, especially since she likes Biology. They also both receive tutoring! And Sabrina's a dancer type too (ballet, not hip hop, though), so there's a chance that, if Lani would know Brina, she would know Ems. Overall, I think they might know each other on a passing basis, but Ems would like her. : D

Juniper, I recall that, growing up, band/orchestra/what have you would have perfomances scheduled together with choir. For example, choir would be scheduled earlier in the evening, and orchestra later. So! There's totally a chance that they'd work together at some point. Also, relatedly: while I haven't alluded to it much, Emma loves Frozen. Sure, it has a few flaws here and there, but she absolutely adores it. It wouldn't be out of character for her to end up in a "Let It Go" singalong with someone, really, at least not too much. I also just noticed that, according to her profile, Juniper considered running for Senior President but dropped out eventually. Perhaps we could play around with that?

Jennifer- As mentioned in an earlier post, Jennifer is a senior! Which is good, because I can actually see stuff between her and Juniper, believe it or not. I'm thinking they might have an odd friendship that doesn't seem that weird the more you think about it, or at the very least, they're on better terms than you'd think. While Jennifer is more tomboyish than you'd think at first glance, she's very much a cosmetic user. In fact, for a while I debated whether or not she'd use perfume or similar, but then I realized that she probably smells like coffee no matter what. She's probably stopped by the store a few times (also, not sure if I should bring this up, but Jennifer is multiracial, specifically Black/Filipino on her dad's and Native American/European on her mom's. If the store turns out to have things that would be nice for people with tanner skin tones and curlier hair, she'd definitely approve). As to how she feels about Juniper personally, Jennifer's a bit more quiet and introverted, so Juniper's perkiness and clinginess might overwhelm her at times. But! I'd imagine that Jennifer would have, at the least, positive feelings about her. Also, this may be my strange sense of humor talking, but I think it would be funny if people got their names mixed up because they're similar.

She might know Lani, too. I'm debating whether or not Jennifer tutors with the club, but if she does, then there's a chance that she might know Lani from it. Jennifer's also fairly skilled with social media, since she has a blog (to help with her journalism skills), and she probably is familiar with things like Pinterest, Instagram, and so on due to her interest in photography. They're in different grades, though, so they might not be super-close.

Junko- Sadly, Junko is about as butch as it gets, so I don't see her being super into, say, scented body lotion, at least beyond the basic skin care stuff. But, I have an idea that she might have come into the store a few times to get her moms something for their birthdays or similar. I think she'd be neutral towards Juniper, though.

Lani, though... I think Junko would actually kind of dislike her, though not hugely. I think she'd see her as "fake", due to her desire to seem normal. Also, if Lani would make her dislike of her known, Junko would probably get annoyed. After all, the procrastination sucks, yeah, but she likes being impulsive, damn it, and screw anyone who doesn't. So, guess they dislike each other? ^_^;

Your thoughts?

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