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Jonathan hadn't moved for a while. It was very silent. He wondered if the other two were going to make the first move. He would rather wait until he hear any movement. And possibly some shots being fired before he would make his own move. He leaned his back against the wall, tightening his grip more on the gun. Wait. He did kind of know where Michael was. But he wasn't going to run out into the open with some gun blazing like some action hero. He had to try to think smart. He had to wait until the other two were out in the open instead.

He let out a quiet chuckle. "I think I'm getting a little too serious about this...." He whispered to himself and then he heard some movement. He held his breath as he listened carefully.

He heard some splattering sounds from behind the wall and then he heard footsteps coming close into his direction. Uh-oh. Jonathan backed up a little from the wall and he saw Michael rushing past him into the alleyway. Had Michael seen him?


Apparently not. Jonathan sighed softly in relief as Michael start to shout in the alleyway for either him or Alex. Jonathan could tell that it was a trap so that Michael can hit whoever will come into his view first. Jonathan wasn't going to give Michael that chance.

Jonathan smiled slightly as he got an idea about what he should do. He should go around the back and get Michael from behind. It would be brilliant! He quietly took a few steps back so that he could go around the other side of the crumbling building. He glanced around to see if Alex was anywhere from his point of view. He couldn't see him. So Jonathan started to sneak to get his plan into action.

This is going to be so awesome!
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