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Lani smiled at Nate’s response. She could see that her words had a positive effect on him, which made her feel a lot better in turn. She was glad, in a sense, to run into Nate and have him share the anxiety about the test that she felt, though not so glad that either had to do this test or go through the aforementioned anxiety, especially considering it little-to-no weight on their grades. Her point being mutual dislike births great conversation and company.

She pondered on Nate’s questioning of maths at high school for quite some time, so much so that he had already forwarded a second question. She wanted to make sure she answered this in the best possible way as well. Lani herself didn’t enjoy maths as a subject, and only continues to care about her grades in the subject because of Flannery’s insistence on college. She’d thought about it, and while Lani likes the idea of college and what it could provide, she hadn’t the slightest clue where she’d go or what she’d study.

“I ask myself the same thing sometimes,” she began, “it’s like, if you’re not going to need it for anything, why have it forced on you? I'm keen for college, like it sounds really appealing, but I doubt I'd do anything math related.”

She paused. “Mum’s really pushing the whole ‘go to college’ thing too because she went. And there's more than a bit of pressure to do really well because of it.”

This really wasn’t an exact answer to Nate’s question, but it picked up on the college thing and allowed for some further conversation. “Do you have plans for college or anything?”
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