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Noah got up off the ground and walked towards the bubbler. He didn’t seem too bad. If he could still walk then he probably wasn’t going to have any lasting injuries from tripping up. Well, the wound could get infected, actually, but they were only a couple of grazes, nothing to get too worried about. Noah should probably be worried a bit more about Abby’s dog. It wanted to rush after him, but it was bound by its leash. Ben stepped back a little from it. It seemed to be more of the “endlessly love you” kind of dog, but he could be wrong. Better to be safe than sorry.

Abby also asked him if today was a baseball day. Ben shrugged. “I dunno. I thought it was.” He placed his hand in his pocket, trying to get his phone out. “But I’m the only one here, apparently. I figured that I’d give here five more minutes before I leave and take my sister shopping, until you guys showed up.” He checked his phone to see if Lana had texted him back. Apparently not. He closed his phone and put it back into his pocket, turning his attention back to Abby
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