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Bryony really, really didn’t want to start crying right now. She didn’t want to cry in front of her friend, and she didn’t want to start bawling in public either. She knew that people around her would judge her for being ‘weak’ or ‘stupid’, and whilst she doubted Alice would say anything bad about it or call her out, it was still embarrassing to just break down so utterly like that.

Honestly, it was Alice’s kindness that was bringing her to the verge of tears. She was just sitting here, on the verge of falling apart, opening up about something that she still wasn’t sure was even a problem, and yet Alice was able to stand her, able to talk with her and try to convince her that she was worth something. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve such a good friend.


Fuck, this was exactly what Alice was trying to prevent her from thinking. That she did deserve this. That she deserved to be treated better than how Bethany was treating her.

Okay, deep breaths. 1. 2. 3. Release. Better.

Bryony tried to smile at Alice through watery eyes.

Then Alice said it, and the smile instantly turned into a look of confused terror. Did she know? She had to know. She had to, it couldn’t just be coincidence, could it? But how could she know? Bryony hadn’t told anyone, not a single person; not her parents, not her closest friends, hell, some days she tried to convince herself that she was straight in order to better fit in. Had she really been that obvious? Was there just something about the way she acted that tipped people off? Bryony had no idea and that terrified her.

It was only now that she realised Alice’s hands were on top of her own, and she jolted, wanting to withdraw them and hide away forever. Thankfully, some semblance of common sense stopped her. It was an innocuous action. Reacting in such a drastic way would just look weird, and would probably confirm any suspicions Alice had. Bryony’s eyes were fixed on her hands, unable to look at her friend again.

“Guy… it’s a guy…” Bryony mumbled. It took her another second before she could bring herself to look up.

“The, um, the right guy. You know, um, in case… in case you were wondering. Or something…”

Bryony tried to smile at Alice. A casual smile. A smile to let her know that she was feeling better, that she wasn’t taking these comments too seriously. That kind of lie.

“Um… thanks, Alice. Thank you so much for, uh… for being here.”


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