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...all the muscles of his body writhing in an intensity of terror and sheer fear beyond bearing. He was going mad and knew it, and somewhere deep inside a bit of sanity was screaming, struggling to fight off the hopeless flood of black terror. It was very horrible to go mad and know that you were going mad -- to know that in a little minute you would be here physically and yet all the real essence would be dead and drowned in the black madness. For this was-

"God fucking damn it."

Gary Kwan - Pregame Start

Gary sighed, rolling his eyes at the chatterboxes on the other side of the library. He mumbled to himself and sighed deeply once more. The library was normally barren, but an upcoming test had brought in a flood of newcomers with no respect for library etiquette. "What a shame," he thought. "It's not rocket science, people. We've been doing this for years." He ran a hand through his hair, keeping the other one firmly planted on his book. His eyes darted upward for a moment, wondering who was in the library with him.

"Nate and...Kealani, was it? That sounds right. She shortens it, though. To something. Lani, I think. That sounds right too." He found himself staring for what felt like longer than he should, and his eyes slowly moved back to his book. "I'm strange," he thought to himself.

He wasn't wrong.
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