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Jae just… ignored Alvaro, listening more to Isaac parroting Alvaro’s answer than listening to Alvaro’s answer itself. Did Jae just hate him so much that he was just mentally blocking him out now? He hoped not, this was a group project, and they had to work together if they wanted to succeed! He had to make Jae like him, show him that he shouldn’t just be ignored. He wanted to do good on this book report, and he wanted to be on good terms with Jae. He really didn’t have anything to lose here, but he didn’t know how to go about with making Jae happy. Maybe he should be nice to him? After all, there was a saying. Being nice makes people nice to you in return, or something like that.

“That’s… a pretty smart observation, Jae. I’d be willing to write a report on that!”
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