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Michael laid still, only moving to peek his head over the wooden barricade he hid behind. Nothing... So we're playing the sneak game huh? He'd expect somebody to run across the field, spray and pray, someone would already be shooting someone else. Wait. He yelled out a few minutes before the game started. They know where he is! Sonufabitch! No wait, they know where he was, he changed positions. That means, he could catch them in the ass trying to catch him in the ass! Little demon spider, you may have been an angel in disguise.

Michael took a couple more peeks, looking down the field, alleys, and the building he'd came from. Okay, a little eerie, not gonna lie. This shit's like No country for old men. The aftermath of the motel shootout. Johnathan's the trucker, and Alex's Anton. Or, maybe Micheal was Anton, and Alex was Moss. He was the one trying to ambush them after all. But chances are, they're both trying to ambush him. Fuck dude, this is too fucking quiet man.

He took another peek. Still nothing. Maybe they're focusing on each other. Took another peak. Nothing. Goddamn he was getting impatient, hurry the hell up people! If you wanna whack someone you gotta do it quick. Tony Soprano took no time to waste Blundetto, man. Come on! Michael took yet another peek. He looked at his options for cover. The corner of the wooden alleyway would work. Maybe could even go up it and hide in the bridge. Then again that bridge might not hold his weight, it looks old as balls. There's thew building, and that little patch rolling around by it. He could suck up some bravado and hide back in there, wasn't a terrible spot, outside of you know who... Wait little patch rolling, hold up! Michael took cover again, grinning. Target number one spotted.

Did he see him? Fuck probably, which means he's gonna try to sneak up on Mike. Or start suppressing him. So, holding out, maybe not the best idea. He looked at the corner alley with his peripheral vision, trying hard not to move to much. He could probably use the cover in between him and Mr. Sneaky Beaky to relocate. But he wouldn't be able to sneak around, even in all black he'd get spotted a mile away. Leaves only one option. Intimidation.

Michael crawled up to the end of his cover, and put his feet under him, ready to sprint. He got up and booked it, swiveling his torso and extending his left arm, he'd tighten around the trigger, the sounds of paintball pellets flying filled the air. Michael ran through the barricades, sprinting and spraying, his attacker first got low, then bolted to another set of cover outside his line of sight. Michael had enough time to figure out it was Alex trying to sneak up on him. Already there was a zig-zagged line of pink dots peppering the old arena. Too bad he couldn't tell if he hit Alex or not.

He slammed into the corner, shifting around it to hide in the alleyway. Everyone's gonna be gunning for him first, which makes sense since he's the loudest. Might as well help 'em come at him. He yelled out a loud "Woooo!" that would've made Nature Boy proud. "Get at me! GET! AT! ME!" He punched his chest between chants. His adrenaline was pumping now. This shit's getting fun now...

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