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“Uh… yeah! Sure, that sounds good to me!”

Mia hadn’t bought a book since… well, actually, Mia wasn’t sure she’d ever personally bought a book herself. Reading was cool and all, and she’d had the whole ‘read a book, stay in school, don’t do a drug’ thing drilled into her since she was a kid, but it just wasn’t something that interested her that much, normally. She wasn’t sure how much they would normally cost, but three dollars each sounded good at least, and was in her current price range too.

Anything was better than having to pay your entire life savings for college textbooks anyway.

Trying to juggle the books, Pepper’s leash and her money wasn’t an easy task, and for one horrible second, she was certain everything was about to fall to the floor, but she managed to hand the money over to Nathan eventually.

“Here you go! We’ll see what I think of it, but I’m pretty sure the last book I read was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so my tastes aren’t exactly the greatest!”

Mia laughed as she checked the time again. Okay, she really needed to be heading off in the next minute or so, and she imagined Pepper felt the same way too.

“Hey, Nathan, I should probably be heading off soon-ish. Gotta keep a schedule, y’know? Plus, I think poor Pepper’s feeling a little tired, aren’t you, you big softy? But we should totally meet up again sometime soon, if you’re not busy!”
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