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Basically only active on site in the Artist's Alley now
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*coughs awkwardly*

I haven't posted anything in here since September. Well. Woops. Clearly 3 AM is the best time to fix this. I'm not going to post everything in here since that would be silly, but I can pick out a few nice things I've done. As usual, images are at their full size, so things might be a little big for forum format! I recommend opening them in a new tab if they're too big. I draw most of my stuff on 1500 x 2100 pixel canvases or larger, so that it can be printed at 300 dpi as 5 x 7 inches, but this does not convert well to forums.

Beware, Undertale and Steven Universe spoilers ahead! You've been warned.

Aaaand that's about it. I could include more stuff, but I think this is fine. I know I'm not really active on SOTF itself anywhere but here (and obviously I'm not very good at that either), but people still like art, right? ...Right?
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