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“Heh, yeah, you and me both.”

Already Nate was starting to feel a little better, thanks to Lani’s generous efforts to relate over their shared mathematics gripes. Even if he was going to bomb on this test, it was always nice when other people leant him a little reassurance that he wasn’t alone in being lost in the world of numbers and formulas.

He did smile more sincerely when Lani said that he wasn’t being in the way, which was something he liked to hear. Hopefully Joshua would feel the same way when he showed up; Nate had voted for him after all. Now that he thought about it, sitting down and studying with the vice-president would be a new one; he’d probably be a pretty interesting guy to talk to.

He had to take a moment to remind himself that it was only the student council that he was thinking about, not an actual president.

“Why do we even have to do maths anyway?” he asked, thoughts going back to Lani as he added a little filler to the conversation with a question that, really, he knew the answer to. Academics was pretty big in his family, and his brothers for the most part had all done pretty well in school, certainly better than him. Even if he didn’t like maths, that didn’t mean it wasn’t important and kept them in the black. That was one of things his dad had tried to tell him when he’d asked him to help with his homework a few months back. It had not been a productive session.

Whatever, he didn’t need maths if he decided to be a pastor, right?

“Oh, unless you were going to do something with it in college, or something?”
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