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Then Isaac came, after a little bit. Alvaro didn’t know much about him, since he didn’t go to the cafe, but he was probably a good enough person, nonetheless. “Heya, Isaac!” He tried to be friendly to him, as opposed to Min-Jae, who flatly rebuked him, just like he did Alvaro. Maybe Jae was just being super grumpy to everyone today? Possibly. Although maybe Jae just hated both him and Isaac and didn’t want to be here at all. That was also likely, but Alvaro didn’t really want that possibility to be true, to be honest.

With all three of them here now, they could start planning the report. Min-jae took the leadership role, asking them if they had any suggestions on what to do. Alvaro didn’t know about Isaac, but he read the whole book last night and had loved it, mostly because of how it dealt with morality. Nobody in the book was really sympathetic or likable, and that was an interesting direction that he hadn’t really seen in anything else he had read. Sadly, most of the time he took was reading for themes, trying to find something in there that he could write a paper about. He kinda wished that he got to read the book in his own time, but it was homework, and he needed to get a good grade so that he could work towards his future.

“I finished reading it last night, and from what I can see the main themes of the book are the decline of the American Dream in the 1920s and the hollowness of the upper class.”
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