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“Every bad thing you say about this tempts me more and more. It’s like the Pandora’s box of literature at this point.”

Mia wasn’t quite able to suppress a giggle, as she imagined opening the book to be greeted by a host of demons and ghouls and stuff, all spouting terrible prose and flouting every grammar rule in existence.

… Actually, that would make a pretty decent read all by itself. If only she had any skill at writing fiction at all.

Mia tucked the book under her arm. She had to admit, she really wanted to know just how awful it actually was. And even if she didn’t read it, what did it matter? It wasn’t as though she’d spent her entire life’s savings on this thing, after all. Quickly checking what little money she had on her, she guessed she had just about enough to buy something else. And why not? Again; she wasn’t going to be forcing her family out of their home because she bought two books at a yard sale. Even if she never ended up reading the book herself, maybe someone at home could get a laugh or two out of it.

Turning to look at the pile of books Nathan had gestured towards, Mia skimmed over the titles. She failed to control her giggling again when she reached the romance novels, the impeccably good looking and overwhelmingly white main characters wearing clothes that were torn in precisely the most scandalous of areas. Aside from that though, the only things that really caught her eye were the cook books. Hand on heart, Mia knew that she’d never find enough time to earnestly start learning to cook properly, but hey, maybe it would be useful someday. No matter what she chose to do after school, she’d have to cook for herself. Unless her swimming career raked in enough money for her to buy a mansion, butler, maid and cook. That’d be nice.

Mia also had no idea what would be the best recipe book for her in terms of the food contained inside, so she went for what was clearly the second best option, picking up the book with the cute girl on the front cover. Placing it alongside Left Behind under her arm, Mia quickly checked the time on her iPod. Hmmm. She was almost veering of schedule. She’d have to make up for the break in her run anyways when she got back home too. It sucked, because she was enjoying talking with Nathan, but there would be other chances to do so, surely.

“Yo, Nathan!” Mia waved the two books in his general direction. “I think I’ve got everything I want. How much is this all gonna cost?”


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