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Lani sat in contemplation, not understanding Nate’s need for self-deprecation. She didn’t think he was stupid at all, and especially not so because sometimes tests try to tell him otherwise. She’d seen this before though, and while she desperately wanted to perk up his mood, she considered her words very carefully as not to make him think she was pitying him. Why would she? She was here, with the same doubts, studying for the very same test.

“Tests are dumb Nate.” She looked up at him with that and just smiled. “Also, maths is just outrageously hard.”

Her own insecurities about her scholastic abilities were starting to show in her words. Lani was, by no means, a poor student; she sat on an A- average, but her performance in mathematics had always worried her, especially how much her mother stressed tertiary education to her. Lani felt compelled to do whatever she could to ensure that she made it into a prestigious institution. She could never get her head around the formulae in maths unfortunately, so she often found herself utterly bombing tests. This is why she’d enlisted the help of Joshua, who was more than happy to lend a hand, and insisted that she not pay for his services. She never liked letting others know she’s tutored however, fearing that others might see it as a chance to ridicule, isolate, and devalue her. Lani didn’t might Nate knowing at all when she thought about; there was a comfortability she felt around him.

“I wouldn’t worry about you being in my way Nate; I always enjoy your company!” She exclaimed. “Besides, if I know Joshua like I think I do, I doubt he’d mind. He’d probably be excited to see another face sitting here!”

Lani felt a little more at peace, a little more at ease speaking with Nate. Her day wasn’t awful by any means, but the upcoming test did have her a bit down. She became nervous when he asked her about her worries about the test, visibly so, but she tried to regain her composure as much as she could, bringing back her positivity-engorged grin.

“Well, it’s nothing major, so there’s something positive about it coming up. But math makes me a little… anxious.”
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