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Lily said that yes, there was chili powder in there, and then asked if he wasn’t a fan of it or something like that. The answer of that question was that yes, he definately didn’t like chili powder. More specifically, he didn’t really like peppers in general. If they did so much as touch his tongue he could have hives all over his body for the next five hours or so. So no, he didn’t really like chili powder, and he really didn’t want to have some before an important test that he couldn’t really postpone. He needed to get it off him, quickly, before the rash actually started.

“Um…” He stood up. This was going to be awkward to say out loud. He looked like an idiot enough already for taking the watermelon sticks, and he didn’t want to look like one again, lest Lily and Juniper actually think he was one. Oh man, if the girl he loved rejected him because she thought Alvaro wasn’t smart enough for her tastes, he didn’t know what he’d do. Oh, pleasedon’tbethatway pleasedon’tbethatway pleasedon’tbethatway. He felt his hand tremble on the desk a little bit. He stopped it. Breathe in, breathe out. You can do this, Alvaro, just say that you have to go and they won’t suspect a thing.

“I have to go do something super quick.” He took a step out of the table, walking quickly to where he thought the toilets were. He left everything else on the table, though, he knew that he was going to come back.
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