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Lily made a brief face at Juniper to communicate her agreement with the mouthed 'brave.' She was hungry—she hadn't eaten properly over the last week—so she'd still probably eat it. What could she really do? Waste food? No. She didn't envy whatever Juniper had in her burger, though.

“Yes. I've had practice. My grandmother taught me pretty well.”

Lily eyed Alvaro with mild concern. He hadn't realised there was chili powder in it? That… could be a problem. Had she ever seen Alvaro eating spicy foods? Had he not been listening when she told them what was in it?

“Chili powder, yes. Um… not a fan, then? Sorry.” Lily tugged the packet of watermelon straws back sheepishly, moving them away from Alvaro. She left them still in reach of Juniper, just in case. “Are you alright?”
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