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Softly humming the tune to Love is an Open Door, Juniper watched the exchange between Lily and Alvaro about her spicy watermelon treats with an eye of amusement and adoration. It’s kinda adorable when I think about. In some ways, the interaction, with its undertones of cuteness and concern, made her a little uneasy. Her idea of relationships was still very much tainted in her mind thanks to a certain someone, no doubt the root of her issues with today. I’ve changed my mind. I’m over it.

At first, Juniper couldn’t believe Lily had made the scarf herself; Juniper didn’t know the first thing about knitting, but knew it took time. She loved the colour about it the most, and it seemed to split up the yellow in Lily’s outfit well, as well as standing out as its own accessory. “It looks fabulous, Lily. Anything I knitted would probably look more like that mangled ‘thing’ on my cafeteria tray.” Juniper just glanced over at the vegetarian burger, briefly. Nope. I won't let it go this time. It would’ve at least been edible with the fucking mayonnaise.

Following her thought, Juniper noticed Lily bite into her burger. She mouth the word ‘brave’ to Lily, just as she noticed the slight pause after the first taste. Returning to the subject of clothing, Juniper asked, “Did you knit the beanie and sweater too?”
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