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“Yeah, yeah.” He chuckled an awkward chuckle, taking the free seat whilst dropping his pile of texts down with an audible thump. “I’m pretty dumb after all, so gotta hit the books.”

He grinned at his own remark, but of course it was a pained grin. One of those 'Please take pity on me' kind of looks, at its core. He didn’t want some kind of encouragement that he wasn’t an idiot, he was pretty used to that idea, but anything Lani might’ve said to try and perk him up would’ve been appreciated.

“It’s kay though, I’ll leave when your tutor gets here. Don’t want to be in your way, or anything.” The fact that Lani was seeing a tutor at all surprised Nate just a little: this wasn’t the first time he’d seen her hitting the books in the library, but unlike him she seemed to have her head wrapped around stuff more often than not. Maybe it was seeing a tutor that helped her keep the edge? Maybe seeing a tutor was what he needed?

Meh, that was probably a bad idea. Waste of their time and his money, most likely.

For the moment, he could just talk things over with his friends or get his dad’s help, or ask Toby or Paul. At least, he could if they weren’t busy or too tired from work, which they often were.

“I bet with all the studying you do, you’re not worried about the test at all, eh Lani?”
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