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Jonathan was staying quiet while Alex and Michael were talking. He had to make sure that he has everything that he need. Goggles. Check. Paintball gun. Check. Was there- Then Alex said that they should get started on the game. "Sweet!" Jonathan grinned excitedly. Ah. Starting at 9:.45. Okay. He made sure to remember to check his phone when he found a position to hide in.

He watched as the other two wandered off to find their own hiding places. Now where would be the best place for him to hide? Jonathan looked around as he was trying to walk quietly. It was kind of creepy to be here. Jonathan was starting to have second thoughts. But he shook his head to snap out of it. He was here to have a great time. This was not the time for him to get spooked at an abandoned place.

He suddenly stopped behind an old, crumbled wall. He peeked out from behind it. Not bad. It wasn't the best place for him to hide. But at least it was something. He ducked his head back and he got out his phone to check the time. 9: 43. Alright. Only two more minutes until-

Jonathan felt his heart almost jumped out of his skin when he heard a yell and then the sound of what sounded like a paintball gun shooting. "Holy-" He cut himself off as he heard Michael's voice shouting out something about a misfire. What the heck was that all about? It had scared the crap out of Jonathan. Wow. This definitely was the perfect place for a horror movie.

Jonathan took a few seconds to let his heartbeat slow down. Michael really did get him there. Maybe he could ask what had happened to him later. He took a quick look at his phone again. 9: 45.

Alright, it was time to get started. His hands clenched the paintball gun more tightly. And then he waited for someone to make their first move.....
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