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“Oh, hiya Nate! I'm doing alright, thanks.” Her response was pleasant. Lani warmly welcomed the company, and it look as though the pair were here for similar reasons. “Of course! Have a seat; I'm just waiting on a tutor, but I'm quite early.” She hadn’t seen Nate since she last attended swim practice. “It's nice to see a friendly face around here!”

She shifted space for him, moving aside her array of textbooks that lay sprawled across the table into a neat, tiered pile beside her. Trigonometric equations and measurement on the top of course. She peered at the heap of nonfiction Nate was carrying in his arms. I guess that upcoming test has others a little nervous too, she contemplated. Lani had started to improve on her mathematics, a testament to Joshua’s ability as a tutor, but she still had some ways to go before her results would please her—let alone her mother.

Lani briefly stole a glance out the window; the sun was still shining fervently, making her a little jealous of anyone not studying at this very moment. Extracting her iPhone from her bag, she lit the screen up to check the time. After placing it on the table, she turned to speak to Nate, making use of the company she’d acquired.

“So, Nate. How're you doing? Studying for the math test?”
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