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“Always good to hear,” Lily said, in response to the note about it being organic. Whether something was organic or not didn't really concern her, but it couldn't hurt. “And it's alright, I know who I can go to to get notes for—“

She cut off upon hearing Alvaro's reaction to eating the watermelon straw.

“Oh, uh… sorry,” she said sheepishly. “I didn't… didn't think the chili was that intense.” She'd have to make a note to not offer the straws to Alvaro in the future. She didn't want to burn his tongue off. Or waste more perfectly good salsagheti.

She'd been fiddling with the scarf again when Juniper asked about it, and let go of the end of the scarf like it had burned her.

“Thank you. I made it while I was sick.”

She picked up her burger and took a bite, pausing after she did so to look at her food suspiciously. She couldn't taste it, but that was… not a good texture for a burger to have. After a moment of consideration, however, she shrugged and kept eating.
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