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((Nate Turner continued from The Theatrics Formula))

Nate Turner was collecting a small mountain of textbooks in his arms, far more than he could ever hope to get through in one sitting. As was usually the case when he was worked up, Nate had not thought things that far through when he'd been pulling books off the shelf like they were going out of fashion.

Earlier that day in math class, they'd been informed of an upcoming in-class test. Nothing major, mind, more of an evaluation and recap than anything, but that part had more or less gone over Nate's head. As much as Nate hated maths, he hated tests even more.

Not only were they a great way to be reminded of how terrible he was at schoolwork, but then he got to look forward to that awful grade staring him in the face a few days later, and he knew everyone else could see his reaction, so then they knew he got a bad grade too. So, not only did he get to know that he was an idiot, but everyone else got reminded of it too.

So yeah, Nate was trying to make sure that that didn't happen by cramming as much information in as he could between then and now. Not that it would help, nor that it ever did.

As he rounded the shelves, satisfied with his pile of literature to cross-reference his own notes with, he immediately scanned the room for someone to study with. Studying in groups was much better than studying alone, because pretty much everyone understood this stuff better than him. The fact that the other person was usually quick to tell him not to worry so much and that he was being too hard on himself was also a huge perk, but not one that ever crossed his mind. Not consciously, anyway.

He spotted Lani over by the window, and was already heading in that direction as the nerves immediately began to ease up just a little.

"Hey, Lani! How's it going? Mind if I join you?" he asked, not moving to take a seat until she gave the ok, but very much ready to when it was recieved.
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