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“All good, Lily!” Juniper noticed Lily’s face glistening a rosy colour as she turned the container over. “Don't mention it! Oh, and the moisturiser is completely made from organic products, so yaaass environment!”

Working at the local body cosmetics store, Bodylicous, carried its perks certainly. Whenever new or limited edition products were introduced, the staff got to take home samples with them. They were also encouraged to share the products with friends to get as much feedback on the items as they possibly could, to see if they're ready and viable for sale. Of course, they weren't allowed to reveal certain details, but it didn't stop Juniper sharing: it promoted sales and she wanted to help Lily’s ailment in any way she could. She was pleased to see her accept the gesture; Juniper knew it came out of practically nowhere, but hey, making nice makes friends.

Taking in the replies, Juniper nodded. “I won't be much help to either for any of that, soz.” Juniper opted out of calculus specifically for her struggles with math in her junior year, and as a senior, she wouldn't have the right notes to provide Lily. “I've got a few hours at Bodylicous after school, but beyond that, I've probably gotta start some planning for yearbook articles. I'm really just looking forward to a nice warm tea when I finally get home.”

There was still plenty of time in her lunch period before English to continue her conservation. She was taking a quick liking in Lily, despite it being based off nothing more than sharing gestures of kindness. It was also nice to Alvaro in a context other than the café too.

She both heard and saw a sudden adverse reaction to the Mexican candy Alvaro had attempted to ingest. Juniper found herself letting out a little giggle; she wasn't malicious about it, but found it humorous he'd eat them knowing full well about the chilli, unless of course he'd been paying attention to something other than her words. Little less staring and a little more listening, Alvaro.

”Yaaaass Lily! Thanks!” Juniper picked up one of the straws, took a quick whiff, and indulged. The chilli was quite intense at first but it calmed down quickly enough for her to enjoy the watermelon goodness. She didn't think she'd actively seek out the straws for herself anytime soon, but they were tasty enough for her to enjoy them.

“Where'd you get the scarf from, Lily? I've noticed you fiddling with it, and it's so gorgeous!”
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