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Alvaro watched as Juniper took a container of moisturiser out of her bag and gave it to Lily. He almost raised his eyebrows, wondering why Juniper happened to have containers of those that she was just willing to give away to people, before he remembered. Didn’t Juniper’s family have a store filled with stuff like that? He guessed that the store allowed her to take stuff from there for free since she was the manager’s daughter, a benefit that he shared. He wasn’t allowed to take stuff from the cafe to school, though, which was a benefit Juniper had that she didn’t share with him, apparently. Even knowing where the container came from, he… still had a couple of questions, but he brushed those aside when Juniper asked him what he was doing today.

“Today’s pretty jam-packed for me, unfortunately. After I eat my lunch I have to study, do a calc test, go to the cafe… Basically I don’t get to go home until 7 PM tonight, which sucks.” Speaking of lunch, Alvaro reached back into his bag and took out his lunch. Sandwiches with turkish buns. He wrapped his fingers around them and started to remove the plastic wrapping around it. He needed to eat as quickly as he can, which meant that he couldn’t really savour his apricot jam sandwich, but there wasn’t really much he could do about it. He needed to do quick revision before the test so that he knew everything once the thing begun, and he knew that that was more important than his sandwich.

Lily then put some watermelon sticks on the table, and said that anyone could take them. Not hearing that there were traces of chili in them, Alvaro decided to take one for himself. He wanted to be nice, plus he wasn’t really going to refuse free food from the girl he liked, so he took one from the pile; pausing on unwrapping his sandwich as he put it in his mouth.

The chili hit his tongue in a concentrated burn. Alvaro hissed as he quickly pulled it out of his mouth, almost dropping it on the floor. His left hand went behind his back in an attempt to get water from his bag.
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