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Lily shifted a little at the mention of the cafe. She'd been avoiding the place since last time, after realising that Caedyn worked there. She wasn't sure how she hadn't noticed before, but she preferred to minimize the risk of running into the physical embodiment of a headache. But that was hardly the sort of thing she should bring up. Insulting one of Alvaro's co-workers would just be rude. As would drawing attention to the fact that he hadn't been visiting the cafe as often lately. Pity. She really did like that cafe.

“Oh. Yeah. It's a nice cafe.” When not infested with Caedyn and her dreadlocks.

Juniper put the little container of moisturizer in front of her. Lily didn't immediately process that it was being offered to her. She stared blankly at the cellophane-wrapped package for a moment before it clicked.

“...Oh! Um, uh...” She was caught off-guard by the kindness of that gesture. Lily fiddled with the end of her scarf again for a moment, going a little bit pink in the face, before smiling. “Thank you, that's… that's very nice of you. You said a tester pot, right? I'll make sure and tell you how it works.” She reached out to pick up the little pot, turning it over to try and look at the ingredients.

Lily couldn't very well let the thoughtfulness of that pass without making some sort of return gesture. Okay, she could, but she'd prefer not to. And she had some watermelon straws in her bag. She usually had a couple of packets on her, and that went double for days when she had colds because the chili powder in them was one of the few things she could usually taste. As she checked her bag, she responded to Juniper's question.

“Catching up on schoolwork, primarily. I need to find notes for… everything.” Then copy them out quickly, then look up any places where there were holes in the knowledge, then write them out again in a clearer and easy to reference manner. That would likely take up her entire evening, if not tomorrow as well.

She found an unopened packet of watermelon straws (there was an opened one, too, but she was afraid she might have diseased the contents of that one and it was nearly empty anyway), pulling it out and placing the packet neatly on the table.

“Would you like some watermelon straws? They have chili powder in them, though, just in case you aren't a fan of that.” Lily looked between Juniper and Alvaro. “If either of you are interested, just… uh, yeah. Go for it.”
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