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You asked a girl if she’s chill when she looks like she’s the feeling the wrong kind of chill and it’s cold af outside? Get rekt Juniper, get rekt.

As Alvaro sat beside Lily, the small wave and shared smile stuck in Juniper’s head. There’s something there, isn’t there? At risk of seeming more absentminded then she had been already, she tossed the fleeting thought aside for now, choosing to focus on the conversation that had arisen from three acquaintances, horrid rain, and negative-star quality grub.

Picking at the food on her tray, she responded to Lily’s question by elaborating on Alvaro’s observation. Juniper did enjoy visiting Vacnti’s, and was very impressed at the efforts Alvaro made in remembering her super-elaborate orders. “Yeah! Oskar and I go there heaps; they do a really good coffee!” It began to come to her attention that she had been a touch less proactive in seeing and meeting people of late, and her feeling a little blue wasn’t really an excuse. She needed to change that, Well, I might as well start now.

Reaching into her cat satchel, she revealed a small package wrapped in cellophane: a small punnet containing a white cream, though it had a slight green tinge to it. Juniper placed it in front of a sickly Lily and smiled excitably. “This is a tester pot of our new, currently unnamed, triple mint moisturiser,” Juniper began. “The strong minty smell has a cleansing quality for sore muscles and blocked noses, so I think it’d help you out a bit in pushing past whatever you have! I've plenty at home, and no ones likes being sick.”

She closed her satchel and pushed her tray away, not wanting to scavenge for edible parts through the gloop on it any longer. “What’s everyone doing today?”
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