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Juniper let Alvaro sit down. That was good. It would have been awkward if she said no to him. He’d have to turn his back and leave the table behind to go someplace else. Well, he probably would have found someplace else but the first rejection would probably weigh on his mind for most of the day. Especially if her and Oskar came to the cafe today. Oh well, he was allowed to sit on the table so it didn’t really matter in the long run.

Alvaro perched himself down on the seat next to Lily, giving her a small wave as he did so. She was wrapped up in all types of clothing. Yellow sweater, green scarf, yellow beanie. It certainly fit the season, at least! And, although he didn’t really want to admit it, she looked cute bundled up like that. Maybe that was why he liked her. She was small and cute and he couldn’t help but smile at some of the stuff she did. That was probably why. She asked him if him and Juniper knew each other, and he decided to answer.

“She’s a regular customer at the cafe!” There really wasn’t anything more to it than that, though. She made her orders, he gave her her orders, and there wasn’t anything besides that. She normally talked to Oskar when she was there, for the most part.
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