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Alex's eyes flickered between Fern and Mike, his mouth slightly open. Not that the conversation wasn't interesting, mind you; it was just such an unexpected digression, and one that didn't really feel like it made sense.

Although, now that they pointed it out, this place did look like an easy horror set up. Idiot kids all by themselves, abandoned location with weapons that couldn't possibly work...

Fern apologized for the digression. Alex blinked and shook his head. "Oh, no problem," he said. "I just...I thought there might be a good pun. Maybe...maybe Paint the Town Red?" He shook his head again. "Whatever, no one else is showing. Let's do this." He checked his watch and said, "Game starts at 9:45. Let's do this."

He trotted off into the dark, looking for a hiding place. He found a leaning fort of rotting wood, probed it with one foot as he eyed it with disgust, then ducked behind it.

He waited until clock rolled around until 9:45. Then he ducked low and clutched at his gun with both hands, trying to keep it steady. It felt clumsy and unfamiliar in his hands.
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