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The pause went long enough that Lily had been on the verge of backing away when Juniper finally gave her answer. Lily managed a small smile as she sat down.

“Thank you.”

As Lily put her tray in front of her, she noticed that Alvaro had appeared. She smiled a little more at him. She noticed that Juniper sounded a little more enthusiastic about Alvaro sitting down. That was fair. Maybe they knew each other. Or Alvaro was just less dead-looking.

“Hello.” She nodded at Alvaro before turning back to Juniper. “Sorry, no, we haven't met. I'm Lily. Lily Caldwell. I'd shake your hand but I don't want you to catch anything. And, uh… yes. Things are… chill?”

She fiddled around with the end of her scarf for a moment before looking between Alvaro and Juniper.

“Do you two know each other?”
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