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Juniper’s head shot up from staring blankly at the slab of ‘food’ on a tray in front of her. There was someone standing beside the table in a bright yellow sweater. Wrapped up in warm clothes, Juniper knew that she had made much better outfit choices today, but she wasn’t jealous of whatever the girl had. Her voice was raspy and broken, so even if Juniper wasn’t feeling it today and even if the weather blew massive chunks, at least she wasn’t sick on top of it all.

Juniper opened her mouth to speak, but…nothing. At a loss, Juniper tried to collect herself, but in all honesty, she genuinely wasn’t sure who was speaking to her. She found herself momentarily stunned. Shit gurl say something! You’re looking like a total div!

Finally, after an elongated and super awkward pause, with an equally awkward stare to match, she managed two words. Two utterly prolific words. “Of course!”

Scratch that, you are a total div, Juniper.

Distracted by her internal monologuing, she continued to stare blankly and gawkily at Lily until she’d come back to her senses. After noticing her mind wandering off, Juniper knew she had to speak. And in the incredibly minute chance that she hadn’t totally botched her chances of conversation and the girl was actually willing to stay and sit, she would love another companion right now. “So, um, I don’t think we’ve really met? I’m Juniper. How’re you? Everything chill?”

Another voice and body suddenly appeared behind the pair of them; Okay. At least I know this one, she told herself. Juniper turned to face Alvaro.

“Yaaas! More the merrier! Now it’s like a party, except the food’s shit and there’s no music…”
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