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((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from Havana Escapade))

Alvaro walked into the cafeteria, taking hurried steps as he pushed open the doors in front of him. It was his lunch period, a time in the day in which he stuffed his face with what his parents gave him this morning before rushing off to the library as fast as he could to study. Occasionally his lunch period lined up so that he didn’t have any classes after it, which meant that he could go down to the cafe and start his shift a little early, but today wasn’t one of those days. He grimaced a little. He had a massive day in front of him. Have Lunch. Study. Do a calc test. Study. Go to the cafe. Work there for four hours. Have Dinner. Go home. Study. Sleep. He didn’t really have any free time today, which sucked, so hopefully there was something good going to happen to him. Maybe Lily would come to the cafe after school. Maybe Jasper or Asellio. Who knew? He didn’t. The future wasn’t something made up, so it was likely that there could be a little surprise for him.

He took a step into the center of the cafeteria, and looked around. He frowned, most of the tables were full. Was it always this packed? Well, it was raining today. That’d explain why there were so many full tables, at least. Which also meant that he couldn’t sit at around half the tables in the cafeteria. If he did he’d probably get told by the people there that the table was obviously full and he couldn’t sit there, which wouldn’t be nice. He’d probably also be considered an idiot by the people on the table and they’d laugh at him and no it wasn’t a good idea not at all. He looked around, seemed that all of the other tables he could see were empty. Which also sucked. He didn’t want to have to eat lunch alone, that’d just be a super sad and lonely experience.

But then he noticed two people sitting at a table far away from the center. Juniper, someone who regularly went to the cafe with Oskar, and… Lily!!! Alvaro looked around the cafeteria. There was nobody else that he could really recognise at a first glance, so he decided to go off. Off to go to a place where he could quickly eat his lunch with people he knew. Well, knew and liked, although he thought that he’d probably go over to them regardless of his feelings towards Lily.

So he walked quickly towards the table where they were both at and… noticed that Lily had just asked Juniper if she could sit down. Well, this was somewhat awkward. He’d have to ask if he could sit with Juniper right after Lily asked the same thing. Still though, he figured that he was friends with Juniper so she’d let it go? Yeah, just go with that. If he was wrong then he’d have to deal with being wrong. He didn’t really have to deal with being wrong but there wasn’t really any other choice. He stepped forward.

“Um… mind if I sit here too?”
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