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((Lily Caldwell continued from Every day is great at your Junes.))

Lily had been sick for the last week due to a cold. But first off, there was only so long that knitting could amuse her for (and now she had a green scarf as long as she was tall, which she was currently wearing along with a particularly large yellow sweater and a yellow beanie because it had rained on her on the way there and she'd gotten too chilly) and, two, her parents had said 'Lily, you can't do that' so her immediate (internal) response had been 'screw you, I can definitely do that.' Externally, she'd said 'okay' and then snuck out of the house the moment her parents had left for work.

So currently she was still cold, still stuffed up and thinking that maybe her parents had been right, because she did not feel good at all. Not that she was going to admit it to anyone but herself. At least she hadn't sneezed on anyone yet. On the positive side, she probably wouldn't be able to taste the food today.

She would have sat by herself or with friends, but she didn't immediately see any friends and the place was getting steadily more packed. So once she'd gotten her burger and thanked the serving lady she settled for heading towards one of the emptier tables. Only girl currently sitting there was a girl called Juniper, who Lily mostly remembered in passing because it was an odd name.

“Excuse me? May I sit here?” It came out both croaky—the cough had gone, but it had left her with a very sore throat—and stuffed. Combined with looking generally on her deathbed—Lily swore that it looked and sounded less bad than it actually was—she wouldn't be surprised if the girl said no or called a priest to give the last rites.
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