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He was so close. Just so, so close. Just a little longer of wearing on this pasted on smile and he'd earn his reward. Danny would be an open target later when he didn't have his food to fuck with and he could make up for all of this later, because he was guaranteed to have plenty of opportunities with this spaz. He was getting his ice cream, though, and he was getting it without any secret ingredients.

Isaac just nodded with forced politeness when Danny spoke. The mindless yammering between him and Oskar was making this way harder than it should have been. Why did people go in for this small talk shit? There is a service, there is money, exchange the two with as little effort as needed by both sides and get it all over with. It was a job, and yet Oskar was probably going to hang around and keep talking while his ice cream melted, and Danny was going to keep playing into it instead of just, y'know, doing what he's paid to do. It wasn't like they were real friends or anything anyway. He wasn't even sure if needy losers like those two could have real friends.

What a pain in the ass. At least the other girl had the decency to hang out and quietly stare at her phone, not bothering anybody, more specifically him.

Isaac hung around quietly until his ice cream was ready. He paid and swiped it up without a word and stalked out of the ice cream parlor. This whole scene was way too irritating for him to stick around, so he'd find somewhere else to enjoy this goodness.

((Isaac Brea Continued In The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over And Over))
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