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Begrudgingly Juniper dragged her feet across the tiled floor in the hall leading into the school cafeteria, a place she generally avoided in favour of eating her lunch outside in the sunshine. Of all the days to forget your lunch Juniper, you pick today. Fab work girl, just fab, she thought, telling herself off. To dampen her usual plans further, the weather today had turned into something particularly unpleasant; lacking a jacket or anything to protect herself from the rain she scurried to reach the cafeteria’s warm and dry interior.

She continued, opening the double doors that separated her, the corridor, and the cafeteria. Her eyes shifted from one side of the room to the other, slowly gazing over the rows and rows of circular tables, many full, leaving her little space to sit. Despite her generally social self, Juniper was feeling particularly blue today and just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before returning to her regularly scheduled school day. She noticed a few faces among the crowd, but she was still early for lunch. To the other side, the queue to the food was relatively short; she noticed the sign, today was burger day apparently. Well, whoop, I’m sure vegetarian burgers are going to taste better than gloop, right?

Juniper set her sights on the end of the queue, weaving her way through the jungle of bags, chairs, and students. Paying little attention to any waves or motions that she encountered. She hurried her pace, causing her to stumble over someone’s backpack. She quickly recovered, only turning to apologise before she continued on her quest for lunchtime sustenance.

Finally arriving and filing in at the back of the queue, she wondered what the rest of the day had in store for her, especially whether or not she’d get out of this mucky lump she found herself wallowing in. Lunch at the cafeteria usually sucked but getting a vegetarian lunch at it was a whole other mission. You were always sure they’d have something for their clientele with special dietary requirements, but you weren’t always sure that it was edible. No offence to the cooks of course, not completely anyhow. At least burger day wasn’t the worst Cochise had to offer her. Tofu tacos had to be the literal worst, literally.

Finally reaching the server, she spoke softly. “Vegetarian, please.”

The lady smirked, placing a sloped-together burger containing shrivelled lettuce, bruised tomato, and what she thought must’ve been a combination of mashed pumpkin and potato pounded together into a misshapen patty. Juniper smiled back, well, sort of; she tried at least. Making a heavy walk to an empty seat beside a rain-splattered window, she perched herself in the chair, placing her books and iPhone on the table next to her tray. Curious, she opened the burger for closer inspection.

They always forget the fucking mayo…
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