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And now the cake was done, and it looked great. It seemed that he definitely had a future in being a potential future chef for the cafe. Not like there was really any choice for him, though. He was either going to work for his dad when he grew up or he was going to take over his dad’s job back in Mexico. Neither were really bad prospects, though. He enjoyed cooking, and while he doubted that running a business was fun, it would be great if he was able to hold onto the Vacanti’s torch. Maybe if he had a son he could raise him to take over the cafe in Kingman, keep it as a family business.

Alba asked if they could eat. “Wait, hold on a moment.” He had to do something before they could eat. He reached a hand inside his pocket and took out his phone, turning it on and putting it into camera mode. It was a little hard to figure out what it’d look like with all the cracks in the screen (maybe he should get it repaired, if he could do that) but he eventually got the photo taken. After doing that, he put his phone back in his pocket. He’d show his dad the cake when he went home, assuming that he could see it through the cracks. As for now, though?

“Okay, let’s eat now.”

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued in Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers))
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