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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Skipping to help draw this to a close))

"Sure! Definitely" Alba said to Alvaro.

Alba took the rubber spatula out of the bowl and began to plop the frosting onto the cake. She hummed to herself as she tried to smooth it out. It probably wouldn't be the best looking cake, but it was probably going to taste great anyways. She continued to spread the frosting on, adding more and more each time it looked thin. There were times some of the cake would get mixed in with the frosting, but she continued on anyways.

When she was done, the cake looked somewhat decent. It was thinner on some sides and a little heavy on others. But at the very least, it looked covered.

"Okay, shall we eat?" she asked.

At least the best part came now.

((Alba Reyes continued in So Sorry For That Man!))
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