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Danny’s time-travelling comment elicited another burst of Oskar’s trademark laughter, causing him to reflect on his own workplace and the drudgery it sometimes caused him. Shifts practically flew by if he had Tiresias working alongside him or the store had enough customers to keep him occupied, but working in solitude got both terribly boring and terribly lonely. A time-winding watch would certainly help pass over those periods of solitude. In fact, it vaguely reminded him of a book they’d recently stocked – though the title completely eluded him. Oskar made a mental note to see if the store still had a copy – his reading list needed replenishment, and although it wasn’t one of the Harlequin novels he’d grown so fond of recently he figured it’d be a good break.

As his friend went to prepare his food, Oskar couldn’t help but notice that he’d been given priority over Isaac in the queue. That knowledge filled his heart with warmth and gave his smile a level of genuineness it hadn’t experienced for a while, and although a small part of him he knew he shouldn’t take pleasure in such prioritisation the temporary elation he was experiencing was enough to mute it.

“That would be cool, wouldn’t it?” He said thoughtfully, gently placing a couple of notes upon the counter while Danny continued to work on his order. “Oh, and keep the change!” It wasn’t too much extra - just a dollar or two - but it couldn’t hurt, especially if it helped solidify a positive opinion of him in Danny’s eyes.

Not wanting to provide too much of a distraction, lest he prove an annoyance to Danny, Oskar opted to adjust his messenger bag as he waited, smile still plastered warmly across his face.
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