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The school library was a place Lani Salder frequented heavily. While never a literature appreciator, the solace and the quiet that the library demanded made her feel placid and at ease. It was a chance to break away from the constant tribulations of your everyday teenage girl and to have a moment just to herself: Lani time.

She had just been assigned a new tutor, Joshua Bracewell, another junior she knew through his heavy campaigning for junior vice president. She was glad he won; he certainly had her vote with all the good she thought he’d bring to the student council. They’d worked together well so far, and she’d taking a nervous liking to the boy; he was definitely helping her grades, that’s for sure. Lani’s eyes scurried across the walls and shelves, seeking a particular round countenance: half-past four. She had time to spare before he was expected to arrive.

570: Biology.
Lani and her mother had baked some beautiful citrus balls for to give to her tutor as a thank you for the assistance so far; she carried them in a Tupperware container, and they sat uniformly adorned with yellow and green coatings and orange flower petals. Flannery always insisted that Lani show gratitude to those willing to help her out, and Lani just never wanted to make a poor impression. Her outfit this afternoon reflected this too: a smart midnight blue blazer over her white blouse speckled with floral patterns; a flowing, tangerine skirt of length just below the knee; and pale vanilla penny loafers.

540: Chemistry.
She stopped suddenly, noticing a missing book from a shelf arranged and stacked in an otherwise totalitarian fashion; the book, The Flowers and the Trees: An Introduction to Plant Systems, had fallen to the carpeted floor. Picking it up, Lani smiled. She remembered reading this one; in fact, she even had a copy at home. Flannery had picked it up for her fifteenth birthday, after Lani showed such a love for the subject. Shuffling through the catalogue, Lani returned the textbook into its allocated slot and continued navigating the labyrinth.

510: Mathematics.
Finding a spare seat, Lani sat beside a window; the sunlight reflected off the glossy tabletop, creating streaks of yellow light for them to bask in as they worked. Might as well get ready while I wait, she thought. Lani pulled her textbooks from her bag and layered them across the tabletop meticulously. She didn’t want to give her new tutor the wrong impression. Lani’s gaze darted across the room, scouting for anyone she knew that could keep her company until they had arrived. She relaxed and waited patiently for her session to begin.
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