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Dick Van Dyke. A true diss. I am so fucking hurt. You call me a celebrity. Too bad I have no compliments for you.

Darius ignored Jerry's reply by not replying to it. Not that he could do anything against Jerry's dumbness disturbing him by replying to him. DFTT. Doesn't that dude have friends he hangs out with in breaks? Oh, Darius bets that his brawny friends lost themselves somewhere in the school building and they have yet to find a way out...

What his mind annoyed less than Jerry, but still annoyed him, was the fact that Fiyori just took his gum. But he promised her it, so it doesn't matter, but he had paid for them. He just smiled at Fiyori; she had what she wanted.

Darius then received a message at his phone. A photo, Bradley posing next to the Green Arrow, highlighting his belt. 'at the green belt what now'.

Darius had to smirk, but just inwardly. He wanted to keep his credibility of being in a bad mood. He wasn't going to act like the good cop for the people here. Darius replied to Bradley, explaining that he meant the green belt at the grounds.

Okay, he could start without Bradley. Bradley wouldn't have abducted his baby either way. But he still was important to solve the case.

Detective Van Dyke was ready to reveal why the fuck he gathered them together. He loudly clapped his hands together.

"So all of you,", Darius didn't want to stop, just because Jerry was here, "except the uncool people, were there, at the party last night."

Captain D. Obvious.

"My problem is, that I barely can remember anything. So I'd like to ask you some questions...Has anybody of you seen my Nintendo?"
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