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Man, Darius really had to get some chill. 'Important' questions or not, he could've at least showed a few manners. Fiyori took the snickers, and while she was at it, snagged the gum as well. She was promised some, and Jeremy didn't want any anyway. Oh yeah, he inquired about her mood too.

"Well, I have a feeling this is gonna be a good day for me."

Because, not despite what Darius was doing. Fiyori looked over to Jerry, who shifted into a different, sexy sexy pose. She gave an approving nod. Yep, she had no problems with Jerry being there. Frankly, if Darius insisted on keeping him away, Fiyori'd have insisted on keeping him present. Jerry was more of a fun guy than Darius. You could laugh with Jerry, but with Darius you could just... well, laugh at him.

Caedyn appeared. Fiyori wondered who else Darius planned to invite. Couldn't possibly be that many people. Still, could get too crowded soon.

"Yo Caedyn. Quick recap: Darius got us all together, but in an asshole way. Good, he gave me sweets, but he's still a dick about it. Anyway, seems like you too are in for some 'important' questioning."
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