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Hiya KamiKaze! I've been going through some of the relationship threads around and, while I'm here, thought I flick some ideas at you for relationships between our characters :3

Emma: Lani wouldn't know Emma very well personally, but I can actually see Lani idolising Emma in a sense. She owns what might otherwise outcast her, she's academic sound, senior class president, and a particularly nice lady. She'd only know Emma through her campaigning for senior class president, despite not being eligible to vote for her. I think Lani admires Emma too, from afar at least. So, while Lani's definitely aware of Emma's presence, I don't know how reciprocal that'd be.

Juniper and Emma are in the same grade, so that's a good start. If band/orchestra work with choir at times, Juniper and Emma would also have some crossover there. Juniper is also a relatively friendly soul, who, while isn't explicitly popular, might be more 'on-the-fringe'. I reckon a friendship could proceed here, or maybe more of an acquaintanceship. ^.^

Junko: I’m not sure Lani would like Junko very much; they’d know each other being in the same grade, but Junko’s procrastination and rather impulsive attitude probably wouldn’t mesh well with parts of Lani’s personality, who is far more concerned with slow but thoughtful decision making. I reckon Lani would be strikingly jealous of Junko’s confidence too. Possibly potential for a mutual dislike if Lani seems like she’d be the kind of person to irritate Junko.

I don’t think Juniper and Junko would have very much interaction. They’re in different grades and don’t seem to share any hobbies or interests. But, there'd be no malice from Juniper if they knew one another. Might Junko or her mothers shop at the body cosmetics store Juniper works at?

Jennifer: I’m not sure either of Juniper or Lani would know Jennifer, depending on what grade she ends up in, of course. :/
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