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((Caedyn Miller Continued From Hecate on Roman Halloween))

God she was worn out from that party last night. Not because of booze, or drugs, or whatever, her parents would kill her if she came home fucked up like that...not that she'd tell anyone here that, she had a mystique to keep up. It also definitely wasn't from dancing or chatting or staying up too late or whatever like usual. No, Caedyn was worn out because of the sheer fucking mind-numbing boring that had been a Darius van Dyke party.

For a guy with such a quirky, interesting name, she was sort of expecting more, y'know? But put a gun to her head and she couldn't tell you what happened last night, the malaise of the whole thing had just bled together into one droll ball of suck. Some people might say it just wasn't her scene, but if it wasn't for her it wasn't a scene, period. That was just the sad reality people less interesting than her needed to get used to, and the sooner they accepted it the better.

She figured Darius was somewhere on his five step path to that acceptance when he texted her about "something shiny" being outside and for her to come meet him immediately. His sense of drama was about as sharp and breathtaking as his hosting abilities, but she was intrigued. Was he offended? Entranced? Did he want to get her know her better? Was he about to declare his undying, total, immovable love for her divine, enlightened being? Knowing him(and after a few hours around him, she had a pretty good idea that she'd picked up literally everything there was to know), it wouldn't be anything anywhere near that fun or exciting to squash. A girl could dream, though.

The area Darius had staked out for them to meet at lunch seemed a little...packed. She couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing, or maybe an indifferent thing because she'd gotten here late and he'd got cold feet or whatever. That last option quickly eliminated itself when she noticed him staring at one of the few resident class clowns. It was so cute how some people went for laughs to get attention. She guessed they didn't realize that laughs were cheap, and gasps are what a true performer longs for. That in mind, Jerry didn't get much of her attention despite his elevated position. No one did, really, except for Darius, who she made a quick, bouncy beeline for to try and figure out what in Ja's name he was doing distracting her. "Heeeeey, party people," she purred as she wandered up beside him to the table, "what'd I miss?"
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