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And then Jerry Fury jumped on the table, laying down on top of it. Jeremy jumped back a little in surprise, but chuckled a little bit. Forget what he thought back at the cafeteria, Jerry was totally great at unintentional comedy. Dude had barely any restraint at all, and it resulted in him doing crazy stuff around the school without any irony to it. If Jeremy was in a class with Jerry and Jerry opened his mouth, he’d stop doing what he was doing and watch, knowing that it was probably going to end up a trainwreck for someone.

Problem was though that today, Jerry’s presence seemed to be a trainwreck for him. Jerry was on the table and on top of his journal. Jeremy tugged a bit at it, but it wasn’t moving and if he used more force, it was likely that he’d tear the journal. He tried moving it again before he realised that Jerry asked him a question.

“No idea what this is supposed to be. Darius just came up to me during Maths and was like “yo dude I need you to come down here at lunch” and I had nothing better to do so I came.”

Then Fiyori and Darius came over. Fiyori said hi. Jeremy said hi back.

“Other than me being brought to this super ominous meeting far away from where I usually sit, I’m doing pretty fine. You?” He then realised that Jerry had changed his position, and Jeremy managed to take the journal from under him. He checked the pages. They weren’t ripped. Good. Darius offered him some bubble gum but he refused, waving his hand. Gum wasn’t really something he was really interested in.
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