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Jeremy, check. Fiyori, check. Bradley, missing. Caedyn, missing. Jerry, what the fuck is he doing on the table. Impressive jump. Put an apple into the mouth of the wrestler and it'd have looked like Jeremy's going to eat a Jerry Fury for lunch.

However, Jerry was not involved in any of this. He was not a distraction yet, but if he stayed, he would be. Nevermind, a guy who lies on tables already is. So Darius had to politely demand him to go away to mind his own business. To not disturb his 'homework study group'. It was important, after all.

"Fury, could you please fuck off?"

He eyed him with an annoyed face before reaching for his bag next to the table to pull out some bubble gums and snickers. He handed the snickers to Fiyori and offered Jeremy bubble gums. "Want some?"
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