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Ah, such a subtle dig. Eat a snickers, Fiyori. You're not you when you're hunrgy and all. Hah, as if she was less of a diva when she was satiated. Still, she gave Darius an approving nod. Although, knowing Darius, he probably really meant it. He was trying to bribe her with food. No, just with simple sweets. Oh well, well, well, well, well, well, well... Amusing, but effective.

"Sure, I'll take it."

Together, they began walking towards the green belt. At the picnic table, Jeremy. He was taller than her. On the picnic table, Jerry. He was wider than her. Also, probably breaking his neck at some point in the future if that stunt was how he always seats himself. Seriously though, okay folks. She didn't mind their company. Darius probably called them to the table as well. For 'serious questions'. Fiyori held back her laughter.

"Yo, what's up people? Having a fine day I hope?"
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